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Case Study #4:  The WB Identity System

  • Brand identity ideation, strategy & architecture, brand standards & style guide

  • Create a brand identity for The WB Television Network that was casual, friendly and accessible, in contrast to the big corporate positioning of the existing 4 networks.

  • Mandates included:

    • Referencing the Warner Bros. Studio heritage

    • Using Michigan J. Frog, the network’s cartoon mascot

    • Utilizing calligraphy done by the wife of the network president

  • Use Michigan J. Frog as line drawing instead of color image to be less intrusive.

  • Work with a monochromatic palette of sepia and b&w to denote golden age of cinema.

  • Incorporate archival imagery of the studio backlot.

  • Use calligraphy as a design element for key titles and call-outs.

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