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Case Study #2: Steuben Brand Refresh

  • Brand strategy, positioning & architecture, logo design, color palette, typography & visual language, identity system, brand standards & style guide

  • Take a heritage crystal brand stuck in the Kennedy era of formal entertaining and make it relevant to today’s casual lifestyle.

  • Promote an understanding of crystal as a luxury product.

  • Removed “Glass” to differentiate crystal from ordinary glass. 

old steuben logo 1.jpg

old logo

  • Created logomark made of tools commonly used in crystal production; glass shears and calipers. The overlapping of the two elements creates a crest reminiscent of tradesmen guilds, which represents Steuben's handmade quality.

  • Added Est 1903 New York to logomark focusing on brand’s century old heritage and its Made In America provenance.

  • Logotype is a customized typeface. The ends of the letterforms are sheared at angles, representing the beveled edges of cut crystal.

Steuben_crest breakdown.jpg
  • Still life imagery focused on “after the party” moments and everyday living rather than traditional depiction of formal pre-party settings and precious placement of objects.

Tag Line:
  • Created tag line "Casual Luxury For The Way We Live Today" to encapsulate brand tentpole of everyday use of luxury crystal.

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